Grateful Dead 60s Wes Wilson Fillmore San Francisco vintage Poster white wicker frame

Item Description

San Francisco artist Wes Wilson drew this poster for Bill Graham's Fillmore auditorium 1967 show with the Grateful Dead.  A fantastic trippy authentic relic of hippie days and the Dead. Wes Wilson drew more than 50 posters for Graham, and Wilson's style of full blown lettering meshed with Art Nouveau and hippie symbolism.

This Dead show was held May 5 and 6, 1967. Naked ladies, tripping out dudes, long hair and marijuana smoking of the counter-culture of San Francisco 1960s and the bohemian movement are prominent in Wilson's work. The music business became more corporate and Wilson disapproved. The  dollar sign just barely visible at the bottom is a foreboding of the end of the free-wheeling feel good San Francisco days.

This is a 1st printing poster, version B. It is in black and white only on sepia paper. It was cut in an oval shape to fit in the 60s wicker frame.  This poster is original, and  was printed before the concert. The original size was 14 1/2" x 24", but now it measures 12" x 18", missing the corners. It is glued to cardboard, and faced with acrylic in the wicker frame. The bamboo wicker frame is period, and it measures 31" long, by 20" wide. It has a wire on the back to hang it.

In very good condition, both the poster and frame. It was purchased as-is from a Marin County estate.

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