Pretty Pink Skull Mexican necklace turquoise rose Day of the Dead Trailer Park charm womens jewelry

Item Description

Bright pink skull with vintage pink pearlies and crystals Mexican assemblage necklace with a vintage black rosary chain. Cute trailer park Mexi Cali necklace has that Day of the Dead charm. Inspired by Mariachi music in the trailer park on a hot sunny day.

Vintage pink beads, glass crystals, with a big skull as the centerpiece. This long charm necklace slips on over the head, with the long series of charms hanging about 19" from the shoulder, and is a total of 38" around.

The Pueblo Trailer Park Collection (tm) is handmade jewelry, one at a time, with brightly colored stone skulls, tin roses, vintage rosary beads and silver and brass, with California in my mind.

We love to make jewelry of vintage charms, some shiny, some with timeworn patina. We handmade this collection  here in the USA, in our little studio from things collected along the way.



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