Signed Acrylic psychedelic art Painting Dallas architect Bertram C Hill vintage 70s

Item Description

Acrylic psychedelic art painted by famous Dallas architect Bertram C Hill. Bright primary colors and crazy geometric shapes make a stunning statement.

Red, blue, green lines, squares, spirals and all manner of wild 70s art. Mr. Hill labeled his art with a Dymo label, Psychedelic Art. It is signed on the back by the artist, and a note is penciled in by his daughter, also.

This relic of the 70s, it measures 20" tall and 24" wide. and has a wood frame with wire on the back to hang it up. It's in great condition, with wear and fading to the frame, and a few scratches on the painting. It a small puncture on the top edge of the painting.

Mr. Hill was a Dallas Texas architect who helped create many of the most famous buildings of Dallas. He was a consultant designer in the Dallas City Hall, (Dallas Municipal Building) circa 1914, and then in 1963, the Dallas City Hall held Lee Harvey Oswald, and was the setting for the terrible crime of Jack Ruby who shot Oswald in the basement.

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This painting was done in 1972, late in life for Mr. Hill, who was born in England in 1881. Mr. Hill immigrated to the United States and worked for a brief period on the East Coast before moving back to England during WWI. He then returned to the US and settled in Dallas, Texas in 1920.

Mr. Hill expertise was in Georgian and English styles of architecture. Texas history, and Dallas history, and important US history must have had an influence on Mr Hill as he turned to the relaxing hobby of psychedelic painting.

After designing classic buildings, he seemed to love "modern" styles such as the wild atomic, googie, diner, and biomorphic style too as it became popular post-war. At the ripe old age of 96, Mr. Hill died in 1977.

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