Stephen Sprouse 2002 graffiti Blue Flower Red stretch Dress cotton spandex vintage Target design colab S

Item Description

Simple red T shirt dress, designed by Stephen Sprouse, the legend of graffiti designer duds. This awesome knit dress is from Sprouse's last collection he did for Target in 2002, featuring his favorite graffiti prints. It features a mod graffiti style flower and stars in bright blue and white on red. Sleeveless and mini, it's a delight. Easy to wear, with a round neckline and a flare style. Very much like the 60s Mod dresses, with the A line and unfitted waist and hips. And short, too.

As a designer Stephen Sprouse was a New York darling of the music and art scenes, as well as fashion. He wrote for Andy Warhol's Interview magazine, who was his friend.

It's in excellent condition.  click the pictures see more detail.

Made of  92% cotton knit, with 8% spandex, it has stretch. Teen size L, womens small.

Small  size, my manne has a 36" bust, for comparison. Bust - 34" to 36"

Waist - 36"+

Hips - 40"+

Back length - 32.5"

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