USN Eagle insignia vintage Black Leather Cuff bracelet military recycled handmade in USA jewelry for men or women

Item Description

Made from a lapel pin, this authentic military insignia is a USN and Eagle pin and it's handsewn to a black leather cuff bracelet.

For men or women, each handmade unique cuff bracelet is made of sturdy recycled black leather with a hand sewn feature and it closes with a vintage button.

On the reverse side, the stitching is secured with a piece of leather, glued down, to stabilize it and add strength.

The leather is recycled from vintage jackets, hand cut and then the vintage key, or anchor charm, or old hardware is securely sewn on.

Each of the boho bracelets is handmade, and each one is different. You can decide which one you want. Great for the ladies too!

we love to make jewelry of vintage charms, some shiny, some with timeworn patina... We handmade this one in the little studio from things collected along the way.

The cuff bracelet is perfect for a wrist that measures 7 1/2" to 8 1/4" around. That's 19 cm to 21 cm around. They are about 1 1/2" wide, or 3.7 cm.

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