Buddha Vintage key necklace Wings Locket box Jewelry ooak handmade

Item Description

This locket box Buddha necklace is suspended from a vintage chain, a hand-soldered box with Vintage patina with heavenly wings, a locket box with a free swinging Buddha charm, We can muse about, the freedom of flying, of floating free, with the key to unlock it all.

I handmade this in my little studio from things I collect along the way. I was inspired by the box, and contrast between the openness and the closed lid.

Faceted rosary beads, silver rings and weighted with an antique barrel skeleton key.

The metal box opens and closes and is 1" high, and the metal stamped wings are 2".

The silver-tone metal double link vintage chain is 13 1/2" long (half), and the necklace hangs about 18" long.

The Buddha charm is a metal stamping, and the glass rosary beads and chain are vintage, as is the skeleton key.

The pieces are hung together with metal rings, some are silver, and the long chain closes with a new metal lobster claw.


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