Denim vintage jeans Big E Levis kids 60s childrens blue cotton pants 6 7 Made in the US

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Levis jeans are for everyone!

60s vintage straight leg Levi's Big E 604 kids blue denim jeans. The classic jeans everyone loves.

Vintage Levis, made in the US.

It snaps on the waist, and has a metal Talon 42 zipper like the big boys. 2 pockets on the front. The little pocket on the front has chain stitching.

2 big pockets on the back.

Cowboy and saddle tag on the back.

size 11 slim, 23 1/2 waist.

Lots of yellow chainstitching. They have a hole on the back, and the knees have been reinforced and show wear and repair. Oh yeah...lots of wear! They'll need a few stitches to make them wearable again.

Natural food, wood toys, bicycle riding, snowball fights....ah yes, the fun of being a kid!

For little boys, and little girls.

Made from 100% cotton, Made in USA.

About a size boys 5 - 6 regular

waist - 22"

inseam - 21"

This is in great condition, with some fade and scuffs. Machine wash and dry.

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