Vintage Patchwork Lace purse road trip tote weekender Handmade ooak messenger bag

Item Description

It's sized for everyday use to carry books, a notepad, a a small e-notebook, and old school notebooks too. Weekender, Vacation tote, or a messenger bag for everyday.

* Handmade with vintage lace and patchwork fabrics

* Lots of Pockets tote bag for travelers on a vacation road trip

* it changes from a messenger bag to sling crosswise or

* shorten the strap and button to make it a shoulder tote bag.

It measures 15.5" (39.5cm) wide x 12.5" (32 cm) deep.

The strap is 2" (5cm) wide and trimmed with vintage yellow lace and left with a fringe. It has happy yellow buttons...that look like tiny yellow suns.

The length of the strap is 42" (107cm) long, or 23" (58cm )long when shortened.

It's double lined inside with a navy and cream heart and check cotton. It has a khaki pocket inside that's a 6" (15cm) square. On the outside is a wide 11" (28cm) x 5" set of 6 pockets.

It closes with a soft faux suede loop and a vintage yellow button.The cute cotton fabrics are sturdy and it's easy to wash and dry, by machine or by hand.

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When I was designing these bags and pouches, it was really important that they be many I've looked at have to be dry cleaned ($$$) and toxic, and/or only spot cleaned! Hey, life can get messy....all my bags are washable. Gently, like you would wash a cashmere sweater. Yes, you can and should hand wash cashmere...use Woolite or shampoo. With one of my bags, regular laundry soap is fine, and then hang to dry. Easy Peasy!

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